We offer a variety of services, aimed to adapt to your needs and guarantee the quality of your experience whenever you choose us as your hospitality partner.


For our planning and design aspect, Epoca will provide you with services that include a project feasibility study, taking into consideration your design proposition, as well as the budget aspect. Our team places the utmost importance into your vision for your business, no matter if you goal is to furnish a waiting room, a restaurant or an entire hotel. Rough sketches and elevations are created, preliminary furniture and finish ideas are developed and then presented for review and revision. This step is imperative in order to make sure we present you the perfect products for your décor and praticality needs.


After every aspect of the design and planning phase as been finalized, we jump right into the next step of our services, the development of technical sketches and renders, in order to provide you with a solid understanding of what your project will look like once it is finished. These projections will follow your instructions as closely as possible. These services have the added benefit of detecting any conflicts in the design, allowing these to be rectified as soon as possible. The final design will then be presented to you so you may review, revision, and approve it. Only after your greenlight does the project development continue.


After the approval of the chosen design, we go onto the next step of our services: the materialization of you ideal pieces. In the manufacturing phase, we document what will be done, in order to stay faithful to what you have envisioned. Details taken into account include, but are not limited to, finishes and measurements. In order to result in stand out pieces that match the original design, we work on them in a segmented fashion – this results in a final product that matches your choices, down to every minute detail.


When it comes to production, EPOCA implements multiple quality control checks in all stages of each pieces development. In this phase, up-to-date knowledge of all international regulations and standards is our utmost priority. This way, we are certain that our products are safe, as well as flawless.


In order to simplify your experience, EPOCA provides full project and on-site management. We will arrange both delivery and instalment dates, always striving for convenience and providing you the best possible experience. Each delivery and instalment will be done according to your specifications, as well as your country’s regulations.

Assembly and InstalLation

This is the final stage of our production services, where everything is already constructed and ready for installation by our team. We always aim to have the project designer present in order to ensure the items are received in mint condition, correctly installed, and that all documentation is up-to-date and correct, guaranteeing the best services are provided to you.


Last but not least, we must refer our customer management services. It is imperative for us to keep you up to date with all the steps and phases of your project. This includes production, logistics, and management. Even after everything as been delivered and installed, we still make a point to provide you with post-sale assistance, ensuring continuity and that everything is stocked on time, as well as providing custom interventions for design updates.