EPOCA Gold’s market strategy is and will always be based on values such as responsibility, rigor, efficiency, solidarity, sustainability, respect for Man, and commitment to good environmental performance and the use of wood and other forest products with a sustainable origin.

Thus, Época Gold, with the FSC® Certification, under license code FSC-C151748, assumed the commitment to contribute to the management of forests responsibly through the choice and use of FSC® certified products in the production of some of the products it sells.

On the other hand, Época Gold undertakes to promote the rational use of natural resources and pollution prevention, minimizing the environmental impacts resulting from its activities, and promoting the concept of circular economy, from a life cycle perspective. It also ensures that the aspects of Quality, Environment, and Security and Health at Work are controlled through compliance with the legislation, the reference standards, and other obligations resulting from the dialogue with interested parties.

Thus, EPOCA Gold assumes this as its policy.

Relationship with the client and suppliers – Maintain current clients by trying to consolidate and increase the relationship with them, as well as foster a close relationship with suppliers to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the products supplied;

Involving the employees – Providing the employees with the necessary training so that in the development of their activities, they can do so with competence in the search for growing motivation for the internal organization of work, aimed at increasing productivity;

Client satisfaction – To obtain total client satisfaction, supplying the products/services requested according to their specifications and requirements, always trying to exceed their expectations in accordance with legal, normative and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements to which Época Gold subscribes;

FSC® Chain of Custody – Ensuring internal control of compliance with the procedures implemented to avoid mixing certified products with non-certified products during production;

Environmental Performance – Ensure the use of best sustainability practices and respect for the environment, safety, and health at work;

Continuous Improvement – Continuously improve the quality and flexibility of our products/services, efficiently dealing with possible complaints and non-conformities.

EPOCA Gold also guarantees that it has no connection with the following activities:

(a) Illegal cutting and/or trade of wood and other forest products;
b) Violation of traditional methods and human rights in forest operations;
c) Destruction of high conservation values in forest operations;
d) Intensive conversion of forests to plantations or other non-forest uses;
e) Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forest operations;
f) Violation of any of the ILO Core Conventions1
1As defined in the ILO Declaration on Labour Principles and Rights at Work.

The Management of Época Gold is committed to continuous growth in an organized and sustained manner in our market, respecting Clients, competitors, and suppliers in order to ensure the quality of the products supplied and the improvement of environmental performance so as to become a reference company.

The Management of Época Gold requests its entire team’s collaboration, commitment, and responsibility during this process to continuously improve its effectiveness, providing the company with the necessary resources to comply with this Quality, FSC® & Environmental Policy.