An image of EPOCA founder António da Rocha

EPOCA Gold – Mobiliário S.A. was born as the result of a long lasting family tradition in crafting the best furniture by using traditional techniques. The companys original conception was materialized in 1947 by António Dias da Rocha. EPOCA is, at its core, a tribute to portuguese craftmanship heritage. It was founded in Paços de Ferreira, where it still remains located in the current day. Nicknamed “The Furniture Capital”, its furniture tradition is, to this day, strongly prevalent in its people.

José Rocha, the founder of the EPOCA® brand, manages the company together with his sons Luís Rocha and Diogo Rocha. Our know-how has been passed down from generation to generation, and, together with the technological advancements and top tier materials we implement, it makes us achieve projects with an unique design and unquestionable quality.


Here at EPOCA, our mission is to be the best resource for your interiors and equipment. Along with this goal, we aim to always represent the most authentic handcrafted techniques, in order to spread portuguese furniture all over the world, and proudly be a proxy for our heritage. All this is done while staying committed to your design ideals, in order to provide exceptional service and quality focused on the hospitality industry.Our daily mission is to be your “top of the line” design partner and exceed all expectations.


EPOCA aims to continue being a reference in the sector and to be recognized for the quality and attention to detail that we dedicate to each project. Our vision is to always innovate when it comes to design, variety of materials and technology. These factors, when combined with the tried and tested techniques we apply, help us make each project uniquely yours..


EPOCA is synonim with:

Professionalism | Commitment | Customization | Innovation | Social Responsibility | Environmental Responsibility


EPOCA® sees in quality a strategic development factor.

Aware that quality concerns everyone and with an eye on the future, the Certification of a Quality Management System has become essential to keep up with the growth of the company. EPOCA® has thoroughly followed all steps in order to implement the referential NP EN ISO 9001 in its organization.

That purpose was accomplished, EPOCA® being now certified in the following fields: production, distribution and assembly of home and hotel management furniture.